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Sed the SenoraOrtegna, I have heard."
"Does the Senorita know all this?" asked Alessandro.
Juan Can crossed himself. "Saints save us, no!" he exclaimed. "I'llnot forget, to my longest day, what it cost me, once I spoke in herhearing, when she was yet small. I did not know she heard; but shewent to the Senora, asking who was her mother. And she said I hadsaid her mother was no good, which in faith I did, and no wonder.And the Senora came to me, and said she, 'Juan Canito, you havebeen a long time in our house; but if family incest photos I hear of yourmentioning aught concerning the Senorita Ramona, on this estateor anywhere else in the country, that day you leave my service!' --And you'd not do me the ill-turn to speak of it, Alessandro, now?"said the old man, anxiously. "My tongue runs away family incest photos me, lyinghere on this cursed family incest photos with nothing to do,-- an active man likeme."
"No, I'll not speak of it, you may be assured," said Alessandro,walking away slowly.
"Here! Here!" called Juan. "What about that plan you had formaking a bed for Senor Felipe on the verandah Was it of raw-hideyou meant?"
"Ah, I had forgotten," said Alessandro, returning. "Yes, that was it.There is great virtue in a raw-hide, tight stretched; my father saysthat it is the only bed family incest photos Fathers would ever sleep on, in theMission days. I myself like the ground even better; but my fathersleeps always on the rawhide. He says it keeps him well. Do youthink I might speak of it to the Senora?"
"Speak of it to Senor Felipe himself," said Juan. "It will be as hesays. He rules this place now, from beginning to end; and it is butyesterday I held him on my knee. It is soon that the old are pushedto the wall, Alessandro."
"Nay, Juan Canito," replied Alessandro, kindly. "It is not so. Myfather is many years older than you are, and he rules our peopleto-day as firmly as ever. I myself obey him, as if I were a lad still."
"What else, then, but a lad do you call yourself,.

I wonder?" thoughtJuan; but he answered, "It is not so with us. The old are not held insuch reverence."
"That is not well," replied Alessandro. "We have been taughtdifferently. There is an old man in our village who is many, manyyears older than my father. He helped to carry the mortar at thebuilding of the San Diego Mission, I do not know how many yearsago. He is long past a hundred years of age. He is blind andish, and cannot walk; but he is cared for by every one. Andwe bring him in our arms to every council, and set him by myfather's side. He talks very foolishly sometimes, but my father willnot let him be interrupted. He says it brings bad luck to affront theaged. We will presently be aged ourselves."
"Ay, ay!" said Juan, sadly. "We must all come to it. It is beginningto look not so far off to me!"
Alessandro stared, no less astonished at Juan Can's unconsciousrevelation of his standard of measurement of years than Juan hadbeen at his. "Faith, old man, what name dost give to yourselfto-day!" he thought; but went on with the topic of the raw-hidebed. "I may not so soon get speech with Senor Felipe," he said. "Itis usually when he is sleepy family incest photos I go to play for him or to sing. Butit makes my heart heavy to see him thus languishing day by day,and all for lack of the air and the sun, I do believe, indeed, Juan."
"Ask the Senorita, then," said Juan. "She has his ear at all times."
Alessandro made no answer. Why was it that it did family incest photos pleasehim,-- this suggestion of speaking to Ramona of his plan forFelipe.

's welfare? He could not have told; but he did not wish tospeak of it to her.
"I will speak to the Senora," he said; and as luck would have it, atthat moment the Senora stood in the doorway, come to ask afterJuan Can's health.
The suggestion of the raw-hide bed struck her favorably. Sheherself had, in her youth, heard much of their virtues, and slept onthem. "Yes," she said, "they are good. We will try it. It was onlyyesterday that Senor Felipe was complaining of the bed he lies on;and when he was well, he thought nothing could be so good; hebrought it here, at a great price, for me, but I could not lie on it. Itseemed as if it would throw me off as soon as I lay down; it is acheating device, like all these innovations the Americans havebrought into the country. But family incest photos Felipe till now thought it aluxury; now he tosses on it, and says it is throwing him all thetime."
Alessandro smiled, in spite of his reverence for the Senora. "I oncelay down on one myself, Senora," he said, "and that was what Isaid to my father. It was like a wild horse under me, makinghimself rea.


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